Tipstrr Engine a powerful white label sports betting framework, providing a platform for social/fantasy betting that allows the public to compete against each other using our simple and engaging software.

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What is it?

Tipstrrengine is a powerful white label sports betting framework. It provides a platform for sports betting advisors to share their knowledge with the general public. Not only this, but it is adaptable to provide a social/fantasy betting website that allows the public to compete against each other using out simple and engaging software.

How Does It Work?

Tipstrrengine draws on a consolidated XML feed that provides odds for 100+ bookmakers and 100+ betting markets on multiple sports. The simple platform allows you to search for your chosen fixture, choose your market and select your bet/tip. Our system find the best odds at the time and publishes them along with your bet – all automatically.

Who can it benefit?

Tipstrrengine can benefit established tipsters who already have a successful business model. The system automates everything apart from tip selection, meaning the hours required can be cut by as much as 85%. The system can also benefit those with great sporting knowledge but limited web design / coding experience.

Why create this product?

The sports tips/advice industry is growing at a remarkable rate, with new websites and social media profiles appearing daily. Our system aims to regulate the industry to ensure everyone is on a level playing field – Our experience in this field means our product is optimised to ensure you can easily monetize your sporting knowledge.

Tipster Site for Your Members

Do your members demand more than just a list of picks? By using Tipstrr Engine, your members will not only see the odds you found, but also the current best odds, up to the second. They'll be able to track their own earnings based on your tips, and track which bookmakers they use. With more features added every day, your members deserve to be on Tipstrr.

Works on Tablets and Mobile

With members being able to access the internet wherever they are, 50% of all tipster traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices, but less than 5% of tipsters have mobile-ready sites. Tipstrr Engine is 100% responsive, giving the same great experience on any modern mobile phone or tablet.

Features & Pricing

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Full Analytics Access
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